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Power Quality Analyzing

Power Quality Analyzer - The Electrical Department Company

Is your electrical system healthy?

Our Power Quality Analyzing service enables us to monitor how well your power is doing. Power quality is a measure of how well a system supports reliable operations of its load.

Power disturbances can originate in consumer power systems, consumer loads or the utility.

Whether it is at your main service or at your different loads, such as machines, devices or equipment, clean power saves you money by ensuring you are using your power with the best efficiency.

We can ensure you are using the most of your power by determining what your Power Factor (percentage of efficiency) is. This is done by doing a load test or study.

The way to achieve a better efficiency level is through a load test using capacitors which can handle a wide range of applications. With our mobile capacitor sizing unit, we can perform a live test without you purchasing any capacitors. This way we can ensure the results on paper and with a real live test run.

Capacitors can supply power that you are currently using from the utility. By installing capacitors or a capacitor bank, you will be reducing your utility bill, without changing your load. Whether it is on your main electrical service or at a motor, capacitors make you money. Most cases 20-30% reduction in the equipment and some cases up to 50%.

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Find little problems before they become big.

Let us take the pulse of your electrical system. Common problems to most electrical systems are:

Power Quality Analyzer - Service by The Electrical Department CompanyVOLTAGE SAGS

Voltage sags are momentary decreases in voltage.


Voltage surges are a voltage rise that can damage devices, equipment and machines. From small electronic components, to large expensive equipment.


Phase balance, in a perfect world all 3 phases should be balanced or equal to each other. If one of the 3 phases is overloaded, it will cause a 3 phase breaker to trip.

HARMONICS (Dirty Power)

Also known as dirty power. Harmonics can cause damage to transformers, failure of motors, overheat cables/wires which can damage electronic equipment. Harmonics can be produced from equipment within your facility or even a neighbor factory down the road.

With our state of the art testing equipment, we can log (record) up to 45 days of your electrical systems activities. Once done, we can provide you a full report, using graphs on how well your system is doing.

Our report will show you all aspects of your system such as: voltage, current, kW, kWh, kVAr and power factor.

Turn dirty power into clean power with The Electrical Department CompanyHow can we help improve your electrical health?

Let us look into your current service, with the correct maintenance and servicing, you may not need to upgrade. Using capacitors, phase balancing and load testing, you may be able to save $1,000s of dollars in unnecessary upgrade costs.

Contact us to see how we can help improve your Power Quality.

  • The knowledge of your electricians and the high-tech instruments you use, cut our downtime by at least 90%. If we do have an emergency call, the response time is great. Very well informed of new technologies and building code which helps a lot with decisions and alternatives. Great problem solving skills!!!!
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